TGIA- Thank Goodness It’s August!

Oh my goodness!  Where do I begin?!


The last 13 games played by the Diamondbacks have been incredible… well for the most part!  After beating the Mets and winning a series on the road, the D-Backs came home and began dominating their opponents.  The boys are 8-5 in their last 13 games and if you know anything about the D-Backs 2010 season,  then you know that they are having an amazing streak!  August has been good to Arizona!!


Here’s a recap and some highlights from the last 4 series:


The D-Backs faced the  Washington Nationals at home for a four-game series.  Game one was dominated by Adam Dunn and the long ball.  The Nats won 3-1.  Game two was all Arizona!  Joe Saunders made his home debut, and Mark Reynolds celebrated his 27th birthday.  The slugger hit a big three-run homer for the D-Backs, however, his next at-bat didn’t end so well…  The third baseman was drilled in the helmet by a Washington reliever and was pulled from the game.  The next day, Reynolds said he was good to go and started the game, but he didn’t last long.  After three strike outs and a missed ground ball at third, Reynolds admitted he wasn’t feeling right and pulled himself from the game.  He missed the next three games as he recovered from his head injury.  Anyway, back to the series!  The Diamondbacks beat the Nats 6-1 in game two, but lost game three 2-7.  Barry Enright started game four for Arizona and he was great, as usual!  This kid doesn’t disappoint and he’s officially my favorite pitcher!  The Diamondbacks tied the series and won 8-4.

reynolds 1.jpg

Reynolds after being hit in the head with a 90 MPH fastball.


San Diego came to town next and I was very surprised, but definitely pleased when the D-Backs won the series!!  Who would’ve thought the last place Diamondbacks could beat the first place Padres?  Newbie Daniel Hudson made his home debut and gave up just one run in the series opener.  The Diamondbacks beat the Padres 2-1.  Game two was a little more intense and special.  It was Luis Gonzalez night and Arizona retired the legend’s number 20.  Rodrigo Lopez took the mound in front of a sellout crowd and the boys in red were off to a great start!  Chris Young hit a lead-off home run in the bottom of the first to boost the D-Backs ahead of the Padres.   By the fourth inning, Arizona had a 5-0 lead over SD, but then things got interesting…  The Padres scored three runs in the top of the sixth inning and with a two run lead in the ninth inning Arizona’s closer, Aaron Heilman, gave up two solo homers.  The game was tied 5-5 when Chris Young walked up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth and hit a walk-off homer.  I was at this game, and it was incredible.  The fans went crazy, and I got the goose bumps!!  It was an unforgettable game dedicated to an unforgettable player!  The last game of the series was all about the Padres.  The Diamondbacks lost 10-1 and Mat Latos completely destroyed my boys!  That kid is such a beast!!

walk off.jpg

A picture is worth a thousand words. CY after hitting his walk-off home run!


I wasn’t expecting much when the D-Backs travelled to Milwaukee to take on the Brewers.  The Brewers have owned Arizona for a LONG time.  Game one was amazing!  Ian Kennedy was off to a rough start and allowed four runs before finding his groove, but the bullpen took over and kept the game close!  The Diamondbacks trailed the Brew Crew by a run going into the ninth inning, but they came through and tied the game at 4.  In the tenth inning the D-Backs scored three runs off of Milwaukee’s closer Trevor Hoffman.  Stephen Drew hit a single to score the go-ahead runs and Ryan Church capped it off with an RBI single as well.  The Diamondbacks won in extra innings 7-4.  Game two was also an Arizona victory.  Miguel Montero hit a solo home run in the eighth inning, giving the D-Backs a 2-1 lead which the Brewers could not overcome.  A record was tied in the third game of the series.  LaRoche, Montero, Reynolds and Drew hit back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs!!!  This feat has only been accomplished seven times in MLB history, so good job boys!  Daniel Hudson helped himself out and sealed  the win with a bases loaded/bases clearing double.  The Diamondbacks beat the Brewers 8-2.   And in the last game of the four-game set the Brew Crew avoided the sweep and beat Arizona 4-8.

Click here to watch the back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers:


The Diamondbacks are currently playing the Nationals in a three-game set.  The series is tied 1-1 and tomorrow two, talented youngsters are set to square off.  Barry Enright vs. Stephen Strasburg!  I know Enright isn’t as dominant or recognized as Strasburg, but he’s super consistent and confident!  I can’t wait for this match-up!  I think Enright is definitely capable of shutting the Nats down.  The question is whether or not the D-Backs offense will be able to handle Strasburg’s stuff!  LET’S GO BOYS!  BEAT THE NATS   J   

Daniel Hudson phenomenal in D-Backs debut!

hudson.jpgDaniel Hudson made his debut in Sedona Red Sunday afternoon, and it was a good one!  The Diamondbacks cruised past the Mets, 14-1.

Hudson pitched eight innings, allowing three hits and a run.  The strong Mets offense was shut down by the new Diamondback, and let me tell ya, it was great!  David Wright, please don’t blame the lack of video on Hudson for your shortcomings today… The kid’s got skills and you got beat! Just admit it.

The offense was also explosive today!  The D-Backs offense doesn’t carry too well on the road, so it was definitely nice to see some power!  Eleven of the twelve Diamondbacks that played today had at least one base hit.  Adam LaRoche had an amazing day, with two three-run homers and a double.  Mark Reynolds, Justin Upton and John Hester had two-hit nights (Upton extended his streak to 17 games).  Stephen Drew and John Hester had solo homeruns, and Daniel Hudson earned his first Major League base hit and RBI when he drove in a pair to cap off a five-run fifth inning.  Bobby Crosby, the lone player without a hit, had a long sacrifice fly to get his first RBI as a D-Back.  Overall, it was an incredible day for the Diamondbacks and they came away with a road series win!!

I think I’ve changed my mind about all the trades!  So far, the “fire sale” is working out for Arizona.  Do we now have the players we need to turn the season around for good?  I sure hope so.  Come on, boys!  Beat the Nats!  You can do it :)

And the trades keep comin’

First, the beloved Dan Haren went to the Angels.

Then, Edwin Jackson was dealt to the Chicago White Sox.

And now, Chad Qualls and Chris Snyder have left Arizona.  Qualls headed to Tampa Bay and Snyder to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I don’t know how I feel about our three latest trades… 

The Haren-Saunders deal seems to be working out for us!  Saunders had a pretty solid outing in his Diamondbacks debut, even though the boys lost to the Phillies in the eleventh inning.  I will still miss Danny, but I’m liking what Joe Saunders brings to the ball club! 

 As for Edwin Jackson- he did throw a no-hitter this year, but he hasn’t been the most consistent pitcher.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a fan of young right-hander, but maybe we will benefit more with a different pitcher in the rotation.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

I will not miss Chad Qualls!  He was inconsistent and had too many horrible, frustrating innings; innings that cost the D-Backs wins!  He’s all yours Tampa!  Enjoy!  Who knows, maybe your pitching coach can fix him up a little!

I don’t know what to think about the Chris Snyder deal.  I don’t know anything about the players we received for him, and I’m not sure how I feel about leaving Miguel Montero with a rookie catcher as his back up…  Miggy had knee surgery earlier in the season, and I’m just not sure how much catching he can handle.  I would hate to see Miggy back on the DL!!  Anyway, I wish the best of luck to Snyder in Pittsburgh!


The D-Backs snapped their seven-game losing streak last night as they beat the Mets 9-6.  Good job boys, I’m glad you finally got a good win!  Barry Enright will take the mound tonight against New York.  I love this kid and I hope he can get Arizona another victory!

Tough end at home, tough start on the road!

After sweeping the Mets in a three-game series at home, the D-Backs were swept by the Giants in a four-game series to end their latest homestand. The offense was quiet against San Fransisco and the Diamondbacks had some game-costing errors.  They nearly avoided the sweep in game four of the series but came up short with runners in scoring position and lost in the 10th inning.  Typical Arizona offense.

One man who had a great series against the Giants was Diamondbacks second baseman, Kelly Johnson!  Kelly hit for the cycle, becoming the fourth player to do so in D-Backs history.  However, his team failed to make routine plays and the cycle was overshadowed with the loss.  Good job KJ, I’m proud of you!  But seriously guys, how does a player hit for the cycle and the team still can’t come up with a win?  Ugh.

The Dan Haren trade is also a bummer for the D-Backs.  Yes, we acquired three pitchers and a player to be named but trading away our ace, really Dipoto?  I think I speak for all the Arizona fans when I say I am very disappointed!  Joe Saunders has a pretty impressive resume, but if this deal doesn’t help us win any more than we already are then what was the point?  The fan base is already diminishing, and I’m afraid we will hardly have anyone in attendance if this trade doesn’t work out…  I would love to see Saunders do well in AZ and help us turn things around, but I think it will take a little more than a new starter and some minor league pitchers!   I wish the best of luck to Haren in Anaheim!  He deserves to be on a team that will give him run support and back him up in the pen.  Hopefully he can help the Angels become playoff contenders and get some wins!  And I hope that shot he took to the arm doesn’t affect him too much.  I still love Danny, even if he is in a different uniform!

Tonight the Diamonbacks played the first game of a three-game series against the red hot Philadelphia Phillies.  Arizona’s Rodrigo Lopez was on track to get the win over Philadelphia’s Cole Hamels, but the bullpen blew it.  Didn’t see that one coming!  The Diamondbacks had the lead 5-4 going into the bottom of the sixth, however, Ryan Howard pushed the Phillies ahead of the D-Backs with a two-run bomb off of reliever Jordan Norberto.  Cody Ransom capped off the win in the seventh when he hit a two-run rocket off of a struggling Chad Qualls.

There were some positive notes in this game-  Mark Reynolds walked with two outs, bases loaded in the first inning to give the D-Backs a one-run lead.  Gracie and Sutton (the Arizona broadcasters) called it his best at-bat of the season!  Reynolds also hit his 24th homer of the season against Hamels in the fourth inning.  Justin Upton extended his hitting streak to 13 games when he singled in the first.  Arizona rookie, Rusty Ryal, went 2-for-3 in the game. 

The Diamondbacks extended their losing streak to five games and their record is now 37-63.  That’s pathetic!  I can’t think of anything more pathetic right now than that record!  PLEASE do me a favor boys and win some games!!!!!!  I don’t know how much more of this I can handle.  I love this team, but it’s getting hard to watch!

Sweet SWEEP!

Last night the Arizona Diamondbacks got their first three-game sweep of the season when they beat the New York Mets 4-3 in the 14th inning.  The walk-off run was scored by Justin Upton when Chris Snyder came off the bench and belted a line drive into left field. 

I was in attendance at last night’s came and it was definitely an exciting, fun game to watch!  Dan Haren had a pretty good outing, giving up three runs in six innings.  The bullpen was phenomenal and pitched eight scoreless innings, allowing just one hit!  The Diamondbacks had three solo home runs by Chris Young, Rusty Ryal and Mark Reynolds.  Ryal had a career high 4-hit night, while Justin Upton extended his hitting streak to eight games.

I must admit, I had my doubts of getting a win with last night’s line-up.  Ojeda, Gillespie, Ryal and Abreu started the game, and the last time the four of them played together the D-Backs got absolutely crushed by the Dodgers!  Last night’s outcome was different, however, and I am never going to question Gibby’s line-up again!  The boys fought hard, got the win and I couldn’t ask for more!

Arizona Diamondbacks pinch-hitter Chris Snyder (r.) celebrates his walk-off RBI single with Kelly Johnson (c.) and Miguel Montero (l.) as New York Mets third baseman David Wright passes by.

Good job D-Backs!  Keep playing solid baseball, play for pride and be the division spoiler! 

I believe in you!

He’s a keeper!

I wasn’t planning on blogging again today, but I can’t help myself!


Enright pitched eight solid innings tonight.  He sat down fourteen Mets in a row, had eight K’s, and pitched into seven 0-2 counts.  The Mets scored one run on five hits and a walk off of the young right-hander.  Enright also had his first Major League hit and RBI tonight!

Juan Gutierrez made it a nail-biter when he gave up a solo homer in the 9th to make it a one-run game.  However, he hung in there and got the save!  The Diamondbacks earned their second win in a row, beating the Mets 2-3.

Back to Barry- I would love to see this kid stay with the D-Backs for a few years!  He has so much potential and with four starts under his belt he’s already becoming a mature, sharp pitcher!  Plus, the fact that he stayed for a good ten minutes after the game signing balls, gloves, shirts, etc. for the fans makes him even more lovable in my book!

Good job Barry Enright and good job D-Backs!  Enright is definitely all right!


It’s about time the D-Backs get a solid win!

I was soooooo happy last night when the boys completely dominated the Mets!  The offense was explosive and Ian Kennedy did an excellent job on the mound!  The bullpen wasn’t too shabby either! 

There were a ton of hits in last night’s game, but two at bats that stand out in my mind were by Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds.  Upton had an 0-2 count and battled with Mets pitcher, Mike Pelfrey, until he drew a walk in the first inning.  Three batters later, Mark Reynolds put a nine pitch at-bat on Pelfrey and then smashed a triple high off the center field wall.  Reynolds also had a 3-run homer and a single.  He was just a double away from hitting for the cycle!  The D-Backs forced Pelfrey to leave the game after pitching just one and one third innings-  it was the shortest outing of his career.  Pelfrey gave up six runs, seven hits and issued two walks.

The Diamondbacks had some great plate appearances that I hope will carry over into tonight’s game.  They battled in the box and produced quality runs, which definitely hasn’t been one of their strengths as of late.  I know it was just one game, but I always have hope that maybe it is the game that will turn Arizona’s season around! 

Tonight Barry Enright will pitch for the D-Backs against R.A. Dickey in game two of this series.  Hopefully Enright is right and the boys can get another win!  GET IT DONE D-BACKS!


Click here to see Reynolds’ triple!


Get Him Reynolds!

The D-Backs opened the second half of their season against the Padres for a three-game series in San Diego.  The boys in red got swept and let’s just say the series was a disappointment for Diamondbacks fans!  I guess that’s why the Padres are in first place and the D-Backs are in last…

There were a few positive notes for Arizona in this series.  The boys were very aggressive on the bases and the offense gave Heath Bell a run for his money in the 9th inning of Sunday’s game.

The highlight of this series for me, however, was the confrontation between Arizona’s Mark Reynolds and San Diego’s Evereth Cabrera.  

Reynolds and Cabrera

Cabrera took a huge lead off at third base and was thrown out by Miguel Montero.  Reynolds had to dive at Cabrera to make the tag and Cabrera retaliated with a kick to Reynolds’ shoulder, barely missing his face.  Of course, Mark Reynolds defended himself with a few shoves of his own and the benches cleared, but no punches were thrown.  In my opinion, Reynolds’ actions were justified, but Cabrera shouldn’t have been ejected from the game. 

It was good to see some fire in Reynolds today!  Not only did he defend himself, he responded with a base hit his next at bat.  Even though the hit didn’t help anything but Mark’s batting average, it was still fun to watch!

And for any San Diego fans who are upset about the ejection- I’m sorry, but I don’t feel bad.  Your team still won and that’s all that matters, right? 

My Top 10 D-Backs Moments (pre- All Star break)

Since I will not have access to a computer for the next week, I have decided to post my favorite 2010 D-Backs moments a little early.  These moments of greatness were few and far between, but they were definitely some of the highlights so far this season.  I know my boys are not even close to being the best team in baseball, but I still love them and I enjoyed sharing these moments with them!


My Top 10 D-Backs Moments:


10. Kelly Johnson proves to be a good pick-up by the Diamondbacks with his dynamite hitting in April!  KJ, welcome to Arizona!


9. I couldn’t decide which I liked more, so I guess you can pick!

Mark Reynolds smashes his 100th career home run against Tim Lincecum! “High drive, DEEP LEFT FIELD, Reynolds just got him!”


A struggling Mark Reynolds gets a homer- with a little help from Randy Winn!


8. Dan Haren’s home run against the Cardinals!  Actually, all of Haren’s clutch hits this season!  A .435 batting average for a pitcher?  Now that’s ridiculous.


7. Miguel Montero returns from the DL and tears it up in the batters box!  Miggy, we missed you and your swing dearly!


6. Chris Young makes a fabulous catch to take away a walk-off homer by BJ Upton and give the Arizona Diamondbacks their 1,000th franchise victory!


5. Out with AJ Hinch, in with Kirk Gibson!  Welcome to the managerial job Gibby, congratulations on your first win!


 4. The boys rack up 13 runs in a single inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates, setting a new franchise record!  Even Edwin Jackson had a 2-run bomb!



3. Justin Upton hits two homers as the D-Backs spank the Yankees 10-4 in a much needed victory for Rodrigo Lopez!


2. Ryan Roberts is called up from Triple-A-Reno and hits a walk-off single to give the D-Backs a 7-6 victory over the Colorado Rockies! “Finally the Diamondbacks walk someone else off!”



1. Edwin Jackson throws the second no-hitter in Diamondbacks history!  Enough said.



This weekend the D-Backs round out the first half of a not so great 2010 season.  Starting tonight the boys will take on the Florida Marlins in a four-game series before the All-Star break.  And if you ask me, the break could not come soon enough!  I hope it will be the perfect remedy to cure my struggling team!  Come on boys, we need a strong second half! 

‘Quitting is just not an option’

Last night the Diamondbacks lost again, extending their losing streak to four games.  We can blame the offense for more missed opportunities, or we can blame the bullpen for giving up three crucial runs late in the game.  Either way you point the finger, a loss is a loss and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I love the way Kirk Gibson is carrying this team!  He always has a positive and optimistic attitude that will hopefully rub off on the players.  He knows his team is struggling and he’s not afraid to admit it, however, he also knows the players are making (or at least trying to) adjustments and that’s big for this ball club!  Gibby refuses to give up on the D-Backs no matter what the scoreboard says.  At the end of the night, they either win or lose and there is always something to learn from it.  A team cannot be perfect- every MLB team has it’s flaws, some just display them more than others! 

The D-Backs have two very obvious imperfections- the strike outs and the bullpen.  Arizona leads the Major Leagues in strike outs at the plate.  Collectively the boys have 783 K’s on the season; that’s over 100 more strike outs than the Marlins who follow the D-Backs with 666.  The Diamondbacks are last in the Major Leagues in pitching, with a 5.36 team ERA and only sixteen saves in thirty opportunities.  Gibson has addressed both areas and he knows they need improvement.  The players, Mark Reynolds to name just one, are taking extra batting practice before every game in order to adjust and improve their swing and plate approach.  As for the pen, there is no set rotation.  Gibby is toying with the relievers to see who throws the best in certain situations.

Are these adjustments too little too late?  Probably.  But that doesn’t mean the players can’t adjust, win some ball games and have a turn-around season next spring!  For Gibby, quitting is just not an option!  So let’s go D-Backs, beat the Cubs and avoid getting swept!  I believe in you!



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